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Non-executive directors’ remuneration

Elements and purpose

We aim to attract and retain suitably skilled and experienced non-executive directors and reward them for their expertise and contribution.

Non-executive directors are remunerated by way of fees paid in recognition of membership of the Board and its committees. The Group Chairman receives a single retainer fee and does not qualify for any additional fees. Additional fees that are paid to committee chairmen are commensurate with these responsibilities.

Non-executive directors, including the Group Chairman, are not eligible for any other employment benefits or performance-related remuneration or any compensation for loss of office.

The fee structure is reviewed and benchmarked annually to validate that the proposed fees are appropriate against the external market and support the attraction and retention of high-quality non-executive directors. Proposed fees are subject to shareholder approval at the annual general meeting each year. The table below details fees paid in 2015. The table in the notice of annual general meeting details the fees proposed for 2016/2017.

1 For details of past directors’ fees, refer to the 2014 and 2013 published integrated reports.
2 Member of the Share Incentive Trust (reported under Other).
3 Fees are paid to Barclays PLC and not to the individual.
4 Member of the Short-Term Insurance and Life Actuarial Review Committees (under Absa Financial Services) and a Trustee of the Barclays Africa Pension Fund (reported under Other).
5 Single retainer fee applicable to the Group Chairman, which covers chairmanship and membership of all Board committees and sub-committees.
6 Chairmen of sub-committees receive additional fees.