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Executive director and prescribed officer remuneration

Executive director and prescribed officer remuneration

Download the full Remuneration report for the combined tables for 2015 remuneration, outstanding share-based long-term incentives and the outstanding cash-based long-term incentives.

Maria Ramos: Chief Executive Officer

Maria’s role based pay was awarded quarterly as phantom shares subject to a holding period with restrictions lifting over five years (20% each year). The introduction of role based pay meant that Maria received less remuneration in cash than in previous years. Effective from 2016, she will receive role based pay split 50% in phantom shares and 50% in cash in line with the Barclays PLC approach.

David Hodnett: Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Financial Director

Craig Bond: Chief Executive, Retail and Business Banking

Stephen van Coller: Chief Executive, Corporate and Investment Bank

Nomkhita Nqweni: Chief Executive, Wealth, Investment Management and Insurance

For Basel Pillar III remuneration disclosures see Annexure E in our 2015 Risk management report