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A strong African franchise delivering shareholder returns and positively impacting society.

Performance summary

Two years after the formation of Barclays Africa, our strategic execution is on track.

RBB & WIMI: ranking of Relationship Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) versus peer set1
Target: 1st in 2018

CIB: Compound annual growth rate in client franchise contribution
Target: 11% in 2018




Continued automating processes and enhancing our functionality of digital platforms and ATMs.


Introduced new products and solutions informed by customer insights and data analytics.


30% of the branch network in South Africa has been improved through a combination of refurbishment and re-positioning.


NPS® is improving; however, we remain behind our targets.


Complaints in Rest of Africa increased significantly, mostly due to improved reporting.


Improving stability of IT platforms and work will continue in 2016.


Implemented a number of innovation initiatives including Rise Africa and the Barclays Africa Blockchain Challenge.

Sustained engagement of colleagues’ score2
Target: ≥85% in 2018

Women in senior management
Target: 35% in 2018

Senior black management3
Target: 60% in 2017





Invested R2.3bnLA in learning and development.


Normalised permanent employee turnover rate is stable while the actual decreased marginally due to the outsourcing of our cash management services.


Technology, communication and engagement identified as further improvements in our employee opinion survey.


We remain behind our target on senior black management in the South African operations.

Citizenship plan – initiatives on track
Target: 75% in 2015



97.5%LA of employees attested to our code of conduct training.


Decreased our carbon footprint for the third consecutive year.


Number of small businesses reached through seminars and conferences decreased 38% and number of consumers reached in financial literacy declined 12%.


Doubled the rand value of spend with black-owned and black women-owned businesses.


Invested R192mLA in community programmes.


Launched ReadytoWork, a Pan-African employability programme, in six countries.

Conduct reputation survey1,4
Target: 7.6/10 in 2018



Created a comprehensive measurement of Treating Customers Fairly and the 10 conduct risk outcomes, providing a broader and more accurate view of our customers’ experience.


Rolled out Conduct Risk College training with 94.5%LA of employees completing the training.

Return on equity
Target: 18 – 20% in 2016

Common Equity Tier 1 ratio
Target: 9.5 – 11.5%

Cost-to-income ratio
Target: low 50s in 2016

Revenue share from outside South Africa
Target: 20 – 25% in 2016






Headline earnings increased by 10%, growing 17% in Rest of Africa and 8% in South Africa.


Improving revenue momentum in target areas.


R8.6bn paid in dividends.


17% return on equity, the highest since 2008.


Credit impairments increased by 10%.


Anticipated delay in achieving return on equity and cost-to-income targets.

1 Bi-annual metrics.
2 Employee opinion survey.
3 South Africa.
4 Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia.
® Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrixs Systems Inc., Bain and Co Inc. and Fred Reichheld.
LA This indicator has been reviewed as part of a limited assurance engagement undertaken by PwC and EY. The assurance statement can be found here.