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Barclays Africa story

Barclays Africa Group Limited (the Group or Barclays Africa) is a diversified financial services provider offering an integrated set of products and services across personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management and insurance. With our long-standing presence in 12 African markets and our regional and international expertise, we have a strong platform to capture the growth opportunity in Africa.

We are strongly positioned as a fully local bank with regional and international expertise and aspire to build the leading financial services group in our chosen countries in Africa and selected customer and client segments, and to remain locally relevant and competitive in all our presence countries.

Our strategy is focused on the opportunity for growth and takes into account the matters we believe are material to our long-term sustainability. We remain responsive to the needs of our key stakeholders in achieving our goals and retain flexibility in executing our strategy, taking into consideration prevailing economic conditions and future opportunities.

Our strategy is underpinned by four clear themes. First, as an African financial services provider, we invest in growth opportunities and connect Africa to international capital markets. Second, as a customer and client-focused organisation, our primary focus is to make customers’ and clients’ lives easier and to help them prosper. Third, we are simplifying our business processes to better serve our customers and clients, sustainably reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Finally, we continue to unlock the power of a dynamic workforce enabled with information technology (IT), automation and innovation to delight our customers and clients.

1. Turnaround in Retail and Business Banking

2. Invest in Corporate Banking growth

3. Grow Wealth, Investment Management and Insurance

4. Develop and invest in talent and our people


Balanced Scorecard component

Material matters

Customer & Client

We aim to be the financial services group of choice.

Ensuring the relevance of our products and services including solutions designed to meet customers’ and clients’ needs; accessibility through our physical and digital channels; quality of our IT infrastructure; value for money and service excellence; as well as trust and safety of customers’ and clients’ money, information and personal safety.


We create an environment where employees can fulfil their potential.

Employing a skilled and motivated workforce through improving employee engagement; attracting and retaining talent; diversity and inclusion; incentivising performance and rewarding appropriately; skills and leadership development (including succession coverage and new ways of working); and health and wellness.


We have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Managing our environmental, governance and social impacts including in our lending practices; inclusive procurement practices; and our direct environmental impact. Contributing to growth by making financial services accessible to individuals and enterprises. Contributing to solutions that address socio-economic challenges such as education and skills; enterprise development; and employability.


We act with integrity in everything we do.

Contributing to a sustainable financial services sector and maintaining trust by upholding high ethical standards and good conduct practices including Treating Customers Fairly; lending responsibly; and managing regulatory change effectively.

We effectively manage risk and create sustainable returns.

Delivering appropriate shareholder returns by growing revenue in uncertain economic conditions; managing risk, capital and liquidity within an appropriate risk appetite; disciplined cost management; fair and transparent executive remuneration practices; and managing emerging operational risks arising from social activism and infrastructure instability.

We have a diverse business delivering a wide range of products and services to meet our customers’ and clients’ needs:

  • Retail and Business Banking (RBB)
  • Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB)
  • Wealth, Investment Management and Insurance (WIMI)

Group functions, from risk compliance and financial management to technology, marketing and communications, are shared across our operations. Common policies and frameworks guide and support the execution of our core business activities, ensuring that we work consistently and in an integrated way for the benefit of our customers and clients. This functional integration allows us to improve service levels and take benefit from synergies and scale.

The Board sets strategic direction and provides oversight and control, acting as an independent check and balance to the executive management team, whose responsibility it is to manage the business. We provide ethical leadership and promote strong principles of integrity within the Group. We strive to promote reward practices that foster sustainable high performance.

Paid R8.6bn in dividends to shareholders.

Contributed R7.3bn in taxes.

Paid R20.9bn in salaries to 41 772LA employees, investing R2.3bnLA in training and development.

Serve 12.3m customers and clients, providing over R703bn in gross loans and advances, safeguarding R688bn in deposits and managing more than R276bn of assets on behalf of our customers and clients.

Spent R14.6bn on procurement.

Invested R192mLA in community programmes and 11 284 employees volunteered 66 709 hours.

Reached 25 966 SMEs through a series of seminars, conferences and workshops.

R7.8bn in retentions to support future business growth.

We will continue to conduct business in a way that promotes positive outcomes for society, consumers and our business by using our core assets, capabilities and business opportunities to address the challenges and opportunities on the African continent.